Specialized medical sheet

With this feature, you will find the suitable With a customized form to your clinic specialization, you will find the suitable place to enter your suitable data depend without any workarounds to enter your suitable data depend on your medical type

Finance & Accounting

With the ability to define your own visit types - prices, even services and with the ability to record your expenses, you can easily take control of all your numbers and easily make your finance reports.

Smart & simple

Easy to use, smart interaction, predict your input using artificial intelligence algorithms to reduce the time needed for entering EMR and prescription and all input in the system.

Appointment Scheduling

Reduce paperwork and streamline your day with the most smart - easy click-drag-drop appointment scheduler - color coding calendar .Really easy and customisable for individual practitioners and large clinics alike.

Analysis & Reporting

From raw data to information – You can get deep insights on the performance of your clinic in a way you have never seen before. Simple, interactive, powerful and intelligent!


Custom Printing

Use your current branded printouts with any language you need (Prescription, Lab Order, Referral note, Invoice, Receipt, Patient education leaflet, Discharge Summary or anything else). without the need to redesign your printout, you will not need any efforts to start working and using system from day1 

Lab & Radiology Management

Simplify management of your lab and imaging requirements. Whether you have an in-house facility or a tie-up with a provider; You can save any type of digital file (Image, video, pdf,.....) that is a result of lab or radiology or even an operation, without a limitation on size or type.

Ease of setup

Google handles all the hardware and networking infrastructure, you don't need to buy any special hardware, just use any connected device to the internet and login to the system. That’s zero hardware to maintain, zero data to back up, no configuring networks or Exchange servers, you may use only your smartphone or your tablet, of course you can use laptop and PC.

Solid Support

We will not let you to your own, we are responsible in training you and your staff in our systems without any extra fees

Multi language

Choose your preferred language by single mouse click, choose your language and your assistant display language

Safe and Secure

Access to data is via secure connections and data is stored extremely secured on Google data network. Your data is always backed up with multiple redundancy.

Be connected with your patient

Your patients can view their visit results and review their prescriptions and treatment plan on the system automatically after you register them on the system


Hold your clinic where you go, with our new cloud technology, you will able to access your data from anywhere, monitor, check appointments, view reports (medical - financial) remotely

No hidden costs

You will find out yourself.

This Is The Only Software You'll Ever Need. Promise!

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